Roof Soffit Installation Contractor in Columbus, Ohio.

soffit is the horizontal underside of your roof overhang, staircase, and ceiling.  Lack of attic ventilation is a common problem encountered with homes in our area of Ohio and often times can be fixed by the addition of proper soffiting on your roof eaves.

The most important part of good attic ventilation is to dry out internal moisture that can develop during the winter months when we are using the heat in our homes.  As you heat the interior of your home your attic is also getting warmer and when that warm air cools, it will release vapor in the form of condensation. If your ventilation in the attic cannot dry this condensation, then your house can experience mildew buildup, wood rot, peeling exterior paint, and many other problems.

What Kind Of Soffits Are Best?

Remodel-It! can help install either Vinyl or Aluminum Soffits on your home or building.  We do recommend Aluminum Soffits though because they are much more durable.

4 Panel Vented Aluminum Roof Soffits

Aluminum vented soffits can remove heat and prevent frost problems through the changing seasons we experience in the Ohio area.   If your Aluminum Soffits are being installed as a retro fit (replacing your older soffits), we may cut a strip aprox 8 inches wide down the center of your existing plywood (inside your roof)  in order to add additional venting to your attic.  This is fairly common preventative maintenance for homes in areas that experience cold winters with potential for snow.

We Provide Soffits and Soffiting For:

  • New Residential Construction
  • New Commercial Construction
  • Retrofitting Older Homes
  • Retrofitting Older Buildings
  • Shops and Garages

If you are located in or around Columbus, Ohio and need to have your building soffited by a professional then give Remodel-It!  a call.

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