Slider Window

Sliding Windows are a fairly standard window found in most modern homes.  They are generally inexpensive (compared to other specialty windows) and offer the most basic features that many homeowners look for in a window and that is the ability to open and close the window for more ventilation.  Slider windows suit this role perfectly as one half of the window slides over top of the other leaving an open window to the outside.

Slider windows come in a variety of sizes and can be made with frames of wood, vinyl and even aluminum.  The installation process of a slider window is generally straightforward as they are usually square or rectangular in shape and don’t usually pose any special considerations for installation.

With Every Slider Window Installation We:

  • Safely Remove and Dispose Of Your Old Window.
  • Clean and Thoroughly Inspect Your Window Frame.
  • Install Your New Window To Manufacturer Specifications.
  • Inspect Our Final Installation.

The differences between a good window installation and a bad window installation aren’t something that is easy to spot.  It’s well known among window professionals that the most important aspect of a window installation is the performance of the window!  And the window can only work the way it was intended if it was installed properly to begin with.  For this reason it’s important you let the Pro’s take care of your window and glass needs.

Remodel-It! is a full service window replacement contractor in Columbus, Ohio and we specialize in slider window replacements and new installations.  If you’d like to have an estimate for a new slider window (or several) in your home or building then please give us a call today.

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