Patio Room Window Inserts

Watch A Video Demonstation Of The EzeBreeze Patio Window Sliders

If you are looking for an economical way to enclose your porch or patio then look no further than the Eze-Breeze sliding panel system.   This very flexible vinyl material is transparent, just like normal glass but with one major difference.  You can’t break it as easily and the mounting system Eze-Breeze has developed is the best in the business world-wide.

The Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels are extremely tough and rugged and they will easily stand up to the harsh environments experienced throughout our 4 seasons in Ohio. They are simple for homeowners to operate so that you can let the breeze into your patio room whenever you want to.

Using the sliding panels will help you keep comfortable on your patio, you won’t have bug problems, rain, or wind or other uncomfortable conditions bothering you when you try and enjoy your patio.

These sliding panels are custom manufactured to fit the openings that you have in your porch.  Remodel-It can come to your home and take accurate measurements for you so your install goes as smooth as possible. You do not need to re-frame the openings, which will provide you with savings compared to the other alternatives.

Benefits To The Eze-Breeze Sliding Porch Window System:

  • They are made of a rugged 10 mill thick vinyl glazing. This makes them lightweight and as such far less expensive than glass windows. If they get accidentally cut or damaged, They are easy and inexpensive to repair.
  • Cleaning of the Eze-Breeze product is a snap! Simply clean the windows using a solution of mild Dawn dish detergent and water.
  • The panels are designed specifically to blend seamlessly with the style of any home.
  • They can be raised or lowered allowing the capture of the breeze or if desired, The vents can taken out completely in the summer and stored for use when the weather starts to get colder.
  • Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels are available in different tints that provide privacy from the neighbors.
  • In addition to vertical 4track units, side sliders are also available. With just a touch of your finger they will open from the side and gently roll on the corrosion free nylon rollers.
  • The Eze-Breeze Sliding Panel system is the perfect choice to enclose your porch, deck or patio because you can easily remove the panels any time and put them back in whenever you want.

Would you be interested in having us come out and measure your patio openings so we can provide you with an accurate and fair estimate for your patio room window inserts?  Give Remodel-It! a call today or fill out the form on the website for prompt attention.

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