A Seller’s Guide to Home Improvements that Boost Value

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We all get to some point in our lives where we start thinking about selling our current home – be it because you’re upgrading to something bigger, downgrading as the kids left the home or simply packing up to look for greener pastures. Whatever the reason, we all want the best return on our investment, right? Here’s a list of changes to your home that can improve its value – tremendously in some cases.

  1. A Facelift for the inside

Nothing freshens a house up more than a fresh coat of paint. Make sure it’s light, neutral colors as every potential buyer has different taste and though you might love bright red, blue and pink – a potential buyer might not be as adventurous. A neutral beige opens the room up, making it look bigger and cleaner. Make sure you paint it well before you start showing your home though, as most people don’t like being greeted by a gush of paint fumes when entering a home.

  1. A facelift for the outside

The outside of the house is the first thing a potential buyer sees and everyone loves a bit of eye candy, even if we are referring to a house in this case. Make sure the siding is clean and visually appealing. If it has dents everywhere from your little George ‘Babe’ Ruth practicing hitting some homeruns on the side of your house or some hail damage, see if your insurance would fix it or get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix. Chances are that it would be less to have it fixed yourself, than to lose on the selling price of your house. Same goes for roofing. Have it inspected as all roofs need to be maintained, especially build up roofing. Asphalt roofing, on the other hand needs minimal maintenance, but doesn’t last forever either. Again, if it has any hail damage or any insurance claim worthy damage, get it fixed as it would be a great selling point to potential buyers. A new set of energy saving windows could also be a great seller.

  1. Other outside flaws

Make sure the garage door is clean and oiled (a screeching garage door might seem like neglect). Make sure no junk is lying around the yard and all outside lights are in working order as interested, potential buyers might want a second look at the house during the early evening after work to aid their decision. Simply painting or fixing your mailbox is also a very good idea if the house is older or the mailbox has seen better days.

  1. Simply green

People seem to concentrate so much on the home itself that they forget how important the yard is. Having a beautiful green lawn or at least well-kept with cut edges, a few plants and flower pots make the house look like a potential “home”. Again, don’t have toys and junk lying about the yard. Think of your house being featured in a “house and home” magazine.

  1. Less is more

You love all your trinkets and plates and let’s not forget your collection of stuffed animals spread all over the beds and couches. They might be very homey to you, but a potential buyer will be distracted by this and unable to imagine their stuff in the already crowded room. Have the bare minimum out. This will give the house a very clean and organized feel that relaxes the buyer and they are able to imagine their own furniture in there.

  1. Fix those faults

Fix any small things – whether it be a broken brick on your steps, a cracked window, a hole in the wall, chipped paint on the trim, basically any cosmetic damage that takes away from the beauty of your home. Cleanliness can’t be stressed enough and roll out that welcome mat. Make sure the grout in your bathrooms is scrubbed, as this makes it look newer and more desirable.

  1. And finally, getting ready the day of

If you have a lot of furniture, try to reduce to just the basics to make rooms feel bigger – store the excess at a friend’s house if you have to. Always make sure your home is very clean on show days too. And the smell of freshly baked cookies while they walk through is a sure winner. A home stager does increase the selling of your home tremendously in most cases. No clutter and good lighting is key. Some suggest turning your television on, but in my opinion it would simply just serve as a distraction away from the task at hand – buying your house..

Please feel free to comment to give your own tips or opinions. We’ll be happy to hear from you!