Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Window Installer in Columbus, Ohio.

Glass Blocks are becoming a very popular design option with home improvement projects, especially bathrooms or other private areas of the home where you want the benefit of natural light but you require the privacy that glass blocks offer through visual distortion.

Remodel-It! is a full service window company and we can sell and install a wide variety of Glass Block windows.  We can offer standard sizes (pre-made) windows for example, right down to custom sizes that may even require the placement of individual glass block instead of one of the many pre-fabricated “inserts” that you find available at some of the home improvement stores.

With Every Glass Block Window Installation We:

  • Clean and Thoroughly Inspect Your Window Frame.
  • Install Your New Glass Block Window To Manufacturer Specifications.
  • Inspect Our Final Installation.

The differences between a good window installation and a bad window installation aren’t something that is easy to spot.  It’s well known among window professionals that the most important aspect of a window installation is the performance of the window!  And the window can only work the way it was intended if it was installed properly to begin with.  For this reason it’s important you let the Pro’s take care of your window and glass needs.

If you are looking to have some Glass Block windows installed into your home or along with your remodeling project please give us a call and we’d be happy to provide you with an estimate.

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