Double Hung

Double Hung WindowBuy 2 Windows & Get 1 Free!

Double Hung Windows are a commonly found window in many modern and even historical homes.  A double hung window will have two sashes in a single frame.  The “sashes” are movable parts and can each slide up or down to provide you with more ventilation options in your home and also for ease of cleaning.

With Every Double Hung Window Installation We:

Safely Remove and Dispose Of Your Old Window.
Clean and Thoroughly Inspect Your Window Frame.
Install Your New Window To Manufacturer Specifications by Manufacturer Certified Installers.
Inspect Our Final Installation.

The differences between a good and bad window installation, isn’t something that is easy to spot initially, but will definitely affect it’s performance.  It’s well known amongst window professionals that the most important aspect of a replacement window is its the performance!  And the window can only work the way it was intended if it was installed properly to begin with.  For this reason it’s important you let the Pro’s like Remodel-It! take care of your window and glass needs. Our installers are manufacturer certified installers, so your windows will be installed right the first time around by real professionals.

Remodel-It! is a full service window replacement contractor and we have a large selection of Double Hung Windows for you to choose from.  They come in many different shapes, styles and even materials depending on your specific needs and budget.  If you’d like an estimate for Double Hung Windows in your home please give us a call or fill out the form today!

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