Casement Windows

Casement Window Installer in Columbus, Ohio.

Casement Windows are found throughout Columbus, Ohio homes as a very common type of window installation.  Casement windows are generally a single window or sometimes more than one that are hinged on one side within the window frame.  They could open inward or outward which is the most common variation.  Casement windows that are hinged from above and open in an upward fashion are called Awning Windows while a casement window that is hinged from below and opens outward is considered a “hopper” window.

With Every Casement Window Installation We:

  • Safely Remove and Dispose Of Your Old Window.
  • Clean and Thoroughly Inspect Your Window Frame.
  • Install Your New Window To Manufacturer Specifications with Manufacturer Certified Installers.
  • Inspect Our Final Installation.

The differences between a good window installation and a bad window installation isn’t something that is easy to spot.  It’s well known among window professionals that the most important aspect of a window installation is the performance of the window!  And the window can only work the way it was intended if it was installed properly to begin with.  For this reason it’s important you let the Pro’s like Remodel-It! take care of your window and glass needs.

Remodel-It! is a full service window contractor specializing in casement window replacement, repair and new installations.  We have a large variety of popular casement window styles and configurations and we’d be happy to provide you with a Free estimate to add a new casement window or several to your home.  Give us a call today!

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