3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Fall

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Often we are called out to repair homes that have suffered from a lack of maintenance on the part of the homeowner (or often renters) and it’s often for items that could have been prevented.  The fall and winter months are hard on your home and especially so if it’s not being maintained correctly.

Here are 3 items you should make sure you check at the end of every summer so you know your home is ready to transition into the wet and cold months of fall and winter.

#1. Clean Your Gutters

This one is an important one.  Your gutters play an integral role in how your home deals with the elements.  They quickly collect and channel water off of your roof and down the downspouts and into your drain tiles or maybe you’ve got a rain-barrel collection system.  If your gutters are full of debris such as roofing granules (not a good sign!), twigs, moss and leaves then water cannot be channeled correctly.  This usually results in massive downpours of water coming out of the low spots in your gutter system.  Often this will be right above the entrance to your home.

If you don’t have the time to clean your gutters you could always install a gutter protection system or hire a handyman service like Remodel-It! to take care of it for you on an annual basis.

#2.  Clean Your Roof

You’ve probably seen the houses in your neighborhood, on your street, perhaps it’s even your own but the roof is covered with moss.  This is not good, and should be taken care of right away so you don’t find yourself spending $10,000-$20,000 or more on a new roof that you didn’t need yet.  Moss is disastrous to your roof if left unchecked.  There are a number of products that can be used by a homeowner to kill the moss on your roof and you can also hire a company like Remodel-It! to come out and clean your roof for you.

#3.  Check Your Windows For Drafts

Poorly installed windows or old and inefficient windows are one of the leading causes of heat loss in your home.  It’s important you go around your home and check all of your windows and doors for drafts of cool air coming into your home.  This is tougher to do in the summertime, but once it get’s cool out you should check at least once a year.  Windows require proper sealing between the frame and the window body itself and this is often overlooked by budget install companies.  It’s also good to check the weather stripping and seals on all of your exterior doors as well.

If you take care of these 3 items annually along with an annual inspection by a certified home improvement contractor you will usually be able to avoid any large surprises with respect to your home.